Odsherreds Museum

Odsherred Museum is a local cultural history museum for the northern part of Zealand,  an area which is also a popular summer holiday destination for Danes. The museum tells the fascinating story of the Sun Chariot and the Bronze Age. Also worth a visit, is the heart house - a summer cottage from the 1940s.

Informational materials: Exhibitions are supplied with texts in English, exhibition catalog in English, brochures in English

Parking: Free parking is a available at the museum

Food/drink: Coffee, beverages and ice cream can be purchased at the museum. Packed lunches can be enjoyed outdoors.

Museum Shop: toys, jewelry, crafts and books, several English publications are also available.

Museum Vestsjælland, Oldvejen 25 C, DK-4300 Holbæk · Tlf +45 59 43 23 53 · sekretariat@vestmuseum.dk · www.vestmuseum.dk