Holbæk Museum

Holbæk Museum is located in the town of Holbæk and consists of twelve historical houses framing the museum’s main courtyard. The oldest building dates from 1660. The museum’s permanent exhibitions cover a variety of themes such as, local Knabstrup Pottery, merchant’s houses, historical farmhouses, maritime history, market town life as well as ArchaeoLAB, a hands-on activity center where museum guests can try their hand at being an archaeologist the day.

Informational materials: A brochure containing summary information about Holbæk Museum’s historical houses is available in English and German. A brochure explaining the history of the museum and providing an overview of the different exhibitions is available in English. A guide to Holbæk’s history is available in English.

ArchaeoLAB provides intro films to its exhibition in English and German.

Facilities and visitor information:

Food/drink: The museum has a small café area where soft drinks can be purchased. The café does not sell food items. Packed lunch can be enjoyed indoors in the café area and outdoors.

Museum shop: books, local delicacies, toys, jewelry, posters, postcards and more

Parking: Free public parking as well as paid public parking is available in Holbæk town center within walking distance of the museum.

Museum Vestsjælland, Oldvejen 25 C, DK-4300 Holbæk · Tlf +45 59 43 23 53 · sekretariat@vestmuseum.dk · www.vestmuseum.dk