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Museum West Zeeland - a living part of history

Museum Vestsjælland is a fusion of eleven local museums covering the geographical regions of ​​Holbæk, Kalundborg, Odsherred, Ringsted, Slagelse and Sorø Municipalities. The museum is also responsible for the archaeological excavation and conservation of these regions.

The museum collections cover a variety of historical periods including ancient history, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance up to modern day. Museum Vestsjælland also covers the art history that has a specific connection to the museum’s geographical regions and local history.

The museum is a cultural knowledge center for the area's 285,000 inhabitants, whose collections and exhibits tell local stories as well as the greater events in Danish history. During the Viking Age and throughout the medieval period, Vestsjælland (West Zealand) was a major center of power in Europe. Today, the historical merchant towns of West Zealand and their natural scenery are the epitome of Danish heritage.

Maritime history, the history of trade, agricultural and industry, the history of education, the arts and craftsmanship of ancient times to present day —all this and more can be experienced at Museum Vestsjælland.

Museum Vestsjælland, Oldvejen 25 C, DK-4300 Holbæk · Tlf +45 59 43 23 53 · sekretariat@vestmuseum.dk · www.vestmuseum.dk